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CCI awards Prayon a "Coup de coeur"

On Monday, 10 May 2010, Prayon was awarded a Coup de coeur prize by the Liège-Verviers-Namur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for its contribution to sustainable development. The CCI awards Coup de coeur prizes in an effort to raise awareness about businesses that have distinguished themselves over the past year. Prayon stood out for its development of a raw material for batteries used in electric vehicles.

"Our people are working on manufacturing, on an industrial scale, a product whose name might be a bit strange (boron-doped lithium iron phosphate), but whose properties are extremely promising for new-generation batteries", explained Prayon CEO Yves Caprara, who collected the prize at the Palais Opéra de Liège. "Not only does our product enable the manufacture of totally safe and reliable batteries, but it is also extremely competitive because it is made from an inexpensive raw material (purified phosphoric acid), in which we are a world leader. With this product, we are counting on the mass production of electric cars in what we think will be the not-so-distant future. By 2015, electric cars will no longer be a fad, but should be within reach of everyone – as will the necessary infrastructure."


Three other Coup de coeur prizes were awarded: a Coup de coeur économique for the company Point Chaud, a Coup de coeur Starter for Job'in (a non-profit association) and a Coup de coeur culturel for Francofolies de Spa. 


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