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Prayon increases by 35% Calcium Phosphate Capacity

Prayon Inc. is pleased to announce a significant investment in its calcium phosphates production platform in Augusta, Georgia (USA).  The multimillion dollar investment expands the production capabilities of the plant by thirty-five percent through a significant debottlenecking project and a new packaging unit.

This expansion enables Prayon to strengthen its presence in the growing global market. "This additional capacity allows us to meet the increasing demand for our unique high-quality products, in particular in the dairy, nutritional, and baking segments", says Stefan Goethaert, Prayon Inc. CEO. "It also positions the facility for future capacity and product line enhancements."

The capacity expansion utilizes modern processes meeting the strictest requirements of the food industry.

Prayon is a leading producer of a broad range of phosphate products used in a variety of applications worldwide.  "In recent years, food applications have gained a growing market share. Today we want to consolidate our strategic position in the food sector while anticipating the markets' latest demands", adds Stefan Goethaert. "The objective is for us to continue to be a reliable global supplier for years to come."

About Prayon

With more than a century of industrial experience, the Belgium-based Prayon Group is a world leader in phosphate chemistry. The Prayon Group is owned jointly by the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP) and the Wallonia Regional Investment Company (SRIW), which have equal stakes in it. With manufacturing operations in Belgium, France and the United States, Prayon serves a global customer base through a sales and service organization that spans the globe.  

Prayon manufactures and markets an extensive range of purified phosphoric acids, phosphate salts and fluorine products from our sites throughout the world. The Prayon products are chiefly used as primary materials in the manufacture of end products. They are used in food (including baked goods, meat, processed cheese, fish and seafood, cereals, fruit and vegetables), drinks, pharmaceutical products (including toothpaste, oral hygiene products and excipients) and a range of industrial applications (for paper, ceramics, glass, metal, and so on).

The Prayon wet processes for phosphoric acid production are marketed throughout the world and are used to produce over 50% of the world's merchant grade phosphoric acid.

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