Concentrated NPK
CNPK’s are Concentrated
NPK formulations based on pure
water soluble fertilisers.
Do not choose between straights
and NPK, go for CNPK!
Innovative with Potassium Nitrate
We propose an innovative NPK system for all nurseries
where normally at least 2 bags of NPK fertilisers are
mixed into the fertiliser tank. Hortipray
CNPK’s are
easy to use for the end user, only mix the Hortipray
CNPK and Hortipray
Potassium Nitrate.
Easy combinations with full bags
The Hortipray
CNPK formulations are made this way
the grower can work with full bags. For each 2 bags
of NPK that are normally used, in this system one
CNPK and one Hortipray
Potassium Nitrate
bag will be dissolved, resulting in the same final mix
(NPK) in the fertiliser tank.
Competitive range
CNPK’s are more cost effective than
the complete NPK formulations used, because
50% of the used fertiliser is handled as straight
fertiliser. Potassium Nitrate is available through
every local distributor and is used as straight in
vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers …
Quality – Purity – Solubility – Availability
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