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The phosphate salt used as a basis is a

product called tricalcium phosphate, more

commonly known as TCP.

This source of calcium offers multiple


TCP has a very high calcium content

(38%). The main benefit is that you can

use a negligible dose of TCP to adjust

the calcium content of your food product.

TCPis insoluble at neutral and alkaline pH

levels. With TCP you do not add any free

calcium to your formulation. Consequently,

there is no negative interference in the

texture or stability of the food product.

For use in drinks, it is advisable to work

with a thickener in order to increase

viscosity and limit the sedimentation

of TCP.



requires a smaller

quantity of thickener compared to other

grades of TCP available on the market.

TCP has a neutral, imperceptible taste

on the tongue due to its very fine grind

(the average particle size is around 4 µm).

The calcium is available.TheTCPdissolves

at stomach pH levels, making the calcium

available in the bolus in free form (just

like any other source of soluble calcium).

Fat-soluble vitamins are usually unstable

by their very nature. Since these are organic

molecules that deteriorate easilyunder light,

oxygen and heat, they should be protected

- especially when used in food products.

Moreover,these vitamins are fat soluble only,

meaning they cannot be easily deployed in

products containingwater.With




the fat-soluble vitamins are “fixed” to the

phosphate salt using an innovative process

(patent pending) that guarantees optimal

protection for the vitamin and stability over

more than a year*.

The vitamin is also evenly distributed

throughout the product. This ensures

good dispersion of the vitamin in the

final product (whether in an aqueous or

fatty environment), without having to go

through tedious and potentially inaccurate

oil dilution stages.

* tested under specific conditions

(available upon request)


Stable source of fat-soluble vitamin


Calcium source