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The range

Standard products :


Additivated and stabilised aluminium phosphate

Fosbind 50

Stabilised aluminium phosphate

Fosbind 151

Inhibited aluminium phosphate

Fosbind 570

Inhibited phosphoric acid

Fosbind 750

Inhibited purified phosphoric acid

Fosbind products are available in a wide range of concentrations, with or without inhibitors and/or retarding agents. They can

be inhibited against metal impurities on request. We can supply custom formulations to meet the specific needs of individual

customers, and we can develop specific types of binders.

Technical sheets and safety data sheets are available upon request.

All our products are available in bulk, IBC containers, and 350 kg or 40 kg drums.

Who we are

Almin is an international company that has been producing high-quality refractory binders since 1975. 99% of our output is

exported (across Europe as well as to Turkey, Tunisia, Korea and beyond).

A world leader in phosphate chemistry, Prayon has been operating in Belgium for over 100 years. Our Group has a global

presence, with 4 production sites, 30 manufacturing units and more than 100 representative offices worldwide.

Almin and Prayon signed an exclusive long-term partnership agreement in 2008.

Almin contribution :

Prayon contribution :

Product range

Access to raw materials

Know-how / Technical support



Sales network

Customer portfolio

Other: REACH, logistics, etc.