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Iron (Fe) is an essential element for plants. Since the 1960s, the only way to guarantee iron uptake in soil-

less cultures was through organic binding, i.e. chelates. But Prayon has now developed micronutri Fe, an

alternative, innovative fertilizer that guarantees iron uptake in soilless cultures.

Micronutri Fe is a patented combination of multiple polyphosphates and iron.

Efficient iron fertilizer


• Guaranteed iron uptake, even in the presence

of fluctuating pH levels

• A pure water-soluble iron fertilizer containing only

nutrients: iron, phosphate and potassium

• Less chlorosis, as proven in multiple trials

Additional benefits

• Greater efficiency in the presence of UV disinfection

due to enhanced transmission and less deterioration

• Iron availability is reversible when the pH level

fluctuates and/or is corrected

• Easy to use via a separate C tank

• Polyphosphates mean less precipitation in the

irrigation system and better phosphate uptake

Proven in tests in 2012 and 2013

Research carried out previously by Prayon’s R&D department showed that micronutri

Fe can retain the iron within a nutrient solution. The next step was to test iron uptake.

The first trials on cucumbers - conducted in early 2012 in collaboration with Wage-

ningen UR (led by researcher Wim Voogt) - immediately confirmed the potential of

micronutri Fe. Iron uptake was tested in various pH ranges in a pure hydroponic system

(no substrate). Cucumbers are quick to reveal iron deficiency. The results showed that

micronutri Fe, tested alongside a conventional chelate, efficiently makes iron available

to plants in a hydroponic system. Moreover, less tipburn was observed when using

micronutri Fe.

In August 2012 a soilless trial on

cucumbers was launched at Wa-

geningen UR. Less chlorosis was observed with micronutri Fe; the

plants were greener. The harvest proceeded normally and good harvest

results were achieved.

In 2013 we ran a full soilless trial on tomatoes in the Hoogstraten

Research Center. No chlorosis was observed throughout the

entire year. Further confirmation that micronutri Fe is the

perfect iron fertilizer.

In 2013 a soilless trial on strawberries in Hoogstraten

proved that micronutri Fe could easily be used as an iron

fertilizer. Once again good results were achieved. There

was no chlorosis and the harvest proceeded perfectly!


• Less chlorosis

• Efficient and proven iron uptake

• Good harvests

0–42–47 + 2.8% Fe