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Calcium phosphate is often used in food preparations for

infants and children. Prayon has developed a special range

designed to have the best possible nutritional profile and

to assist infant food designers in their formulations. All our

products comply with Commission Regulation (EU) 231/2012

laying down specifications for food additives including those

intended to be used in foods for infants and young children

(when specified).

By stabilising bonds between water and proteins,

phosphates make food appealing for cats and dogs. Purified

phosphoric acid and phosphates are used to modify proteins

in the development of desirable petfood flavors.

Purified phosphoric acid and various phosphate salts

act on starches. They are used in industrial starch

modification processes and to develop specific

properties. A recent application in this area is the

development of modified starch that is rich in soluble

fibre and therefore ideal for low-carb diets.

Calcium phosphates are used as polishing agents

and boost remineralisation potential. Sodium

phosphates prevent tartar from building up and

improve the whitening effect. Sodium fluoride is

used in dental products as a fluoride supplement.