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The Prayon food applications laboratory develops products specially adapted to the ever more

complex needs of the food industry. It responds in the best way possible to developments in the

market and to all requests from the sector.

Focusing on meat and seafood processing, process cheese production and industrial baking

applications, the laboratory constantly develops its expertise and the performance of phosphates

to be used in multiple food applications.

The laboratory regularly organises training and information sessions on the use of phosphates

in different areas.

The laboratory also provides clients with scientific information and technical support in the use

of phosphates.

Phosphorus is present in the human body

at a ratio of 6-12 g/kg and is just as vital

to human life as calcium, nitrogen, carbon,

hydrogen and oxygen.

Phosphorus plays an important role in

many biochemical processes and is a

basic element in our bones, teeth and

nervous system.

For example, phosphorus is a basic ele-

ment of DNA, the substance which allows

us to pass on our genetic heritage.

Phosphorus also plays an important role

in all physical and mental activities. It

is the main element in ATP (adenosine

triphosphate), the energy reserve in our

cells which helps in contracting our mus-

cles, transmitting nerve impulses and

regulating our body temperature.

Phosphorus is a mineral and therefore can-

not be produced by the body- like calcium,

it must be provided by external sources.

Phosphate salts serve a duo process by

stabilising various foods and by providing

dietary phosphorus.

Tricalcium phosphates are even more

advantageous as they provide both cal-

cium and phosphorus, thus improving

the nutritional quality of many different


The FAO* established the ADI** for phos-

phorus at 30 mg/kg i.e., around 2000mg

per day for an adult.

As an indication, various studies in Central

Europe have shown current phosphorus

intake to be around 1300-1400 mg per

person in that region.

* FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

** ADI: Acceptable Daily Intake