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Quality is a key factor in delivering value to our customers by meeting their needs and

providing solutions to their problems. As a flexible company, we want our customers

around the world to feel secure in the knowledge that our products and services meet

their diverse quality requirements.


Powder of freeze-dried dietary microorganisms

Food supplement for adult healthy people

Allergens free - Color: White to beige - Dry matter >92%


Microbial powder X %

Corn maltodextrin 1-X %

All microbial strains produced by THT are safe for immunocompetent people (QPS species - biohazard level: 1) / Warning.

Concentrations are given for isolated strains before blending.

Concentrations of microbial blends may give concentration values lower than the sum due to technical limitations.


Total mesophilic aerobes*

ISO 4833-1

<20000 cfu/g

Enteric bacteria

BRD-07/24-11/13 RAPID’Entero

<100 cfu/g

Total coliforms

ISO 4832

<100 cfu/g

Yeasts and moulds

NF V08-509

<100 cfu/g

Escherichia coli

ISO 7251

<1 cfu/g

Salmonella sp

BRD-07/11-12/05 Short Protocol

<1 cfu/25g

Coagulase + staphylococci

ISO 6888.3

<1 cfu/g

Listeria monocytogenes


<1 cfu/25g

* Other than lactic acid bacteria