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Industrial applications

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Purified phosphoric acid, ammonium and potassium salts, fluorine derivatives, sodium tripolyphosphate, special salts, calcium sulfate, sulfuric acid: our products form part of your daily lives.

Industrial applications

These are varied:

Cleaning sector

Purified phosphoric acid and phosphates combine many very useful properties which make them the material of choice in manufacturing industrial detergents  also referred to as "I&I" (Industrial & Institutional).

The main properties of these "builders" are: softening and complexing agent, dispersing and buffer agent, synergy with surfactants as well as alkalizing capacity.

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Metal treatment

Purified phosphoric acid and phosphates are used in the process of phosphating metal surfaces. This operation reduces the risk of metals corroding, insulates them electrically, and encourages paint to adhere to the treated surface. Moreover, these different products are also used for metallic surfaces cleaning and production of magnetic electrical sheets. Purified phosphoric acid and fluorine derivatives are also used in the aluminium industry.

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Water treatment

Phosphates and purified phosphoric acid help to reduce the risk of pipework corroding, prevent the deposit of limescale, control the pH of water, and control red and black liquors.

Some phosphates as well as the purified phosphoric acid take part in the biological purification of industrial and waste waters.

Fluorine derivatives such as NaF and SSF are used in the fluoridation of water in many countries.

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Phosphates are excellent dispersants and are used in the ceramic and enamel industries, in paint and paper pulp manufacturing, and in the manufacture of fiberglass products. They also increase the translucence of porcelains.

As flame retardants, phosphates are useful for fireproofing materials, and are one of the ingredients in fire-extinguisher products. They are used in antifreeze as an anticorrosion agent, and also prevent caking, which means they are widely used in expanded polystyrene.

Purified phosphoric acid is used to purify vegetable oils and active carbon filters, and to manufacture titanium dioxide.

Fluorine derivates are also used as insecticides for the American market. Sodium fluosilicate is used worldwide in latex mattress foams, and calcium sulfate has a retarder effect much appreciated in the plaster and cement industry.

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Product range

The main products we market in the industrial fields are:

  • Purified phosphoric acid (PrayphosTM)
  • Potassium and ammonium salts (MAP, DAP, MKP)
  • Fluorine derivatives (FluoprayTM)


  • Sodium tripolyphosphates (PolyprayTM)


  • Speciality phosphate salts (PrayphosTM - FosbindTM), sodium, potassium, calcium and aluminium phosphates

    Prayphos     Fosbind

  • Calcium sulfate
  • Sulfuric acid

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