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Gas scrubbing

At the exit of the attack tank, in the filtration section or even beneath the storage tank, the gases contain certain elements that can be harmful to the environment, e.g. fluorine. As such, it is important to beneficiate these gases before they released back into the atmosphere.

Prayon gas scrubbers are not susceptible to scaling, the nozzles do not clog easily and the latest models of scrubbers are much shorter. Naturally, they are designed to comply with the most stringent environmental standards.

These gas scrubbers are built and sold by PROFILE, our Equipment division.

Empty tower

The gas scrubber comes in the form of an empty tower, without packing. This eliminates the need for the frequent stoppages and/or maintenance work required by all other types of gas scrubbers. This also means that maintenance costs for Prayon scrubbers are lower. Since there is no stacking up in the columns, there is no restriction on the gas-liquid ratio which could cause entrainment towards the spout.

System of reliable nozzles

The nozzles used in the gas scrubbers are specially designed to reduce the possibility of scum forming. As such, they remain highly efficient for long periods.

Inexpensive to build

The new design of gas scrubber is very compact. It is approximately three times shorter than traditional vertical gas scrubbers. In addition, there are a limited number of pumps. These characteristics impact on the investment costs for this type of scrubber.

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