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Prayon Technologies has become synonymous with quality in the phosphoric acid industry. We offer our customers this know-how for analyzing or making improvements to existing units using either Prayon or other processes.

Our specialists are trained to optimize all aspects of production activities. They are able to convert installations that were designed many years ago into units fitted out with cutting edge technologies and equipment.

The conversions are listed according to return on investment, thereby enabling the producer to set their priorities.

In addition to major conversions, this analysis also lists minor imperfections or changes to be made with a view to improving the efficiency of the installation.

From a quick glance at the figures, it is clear that even the slightest improvement made as a result of consultancy can be of significant benefit.

Training new operators

Prayon offers training courses in phosphoric acid production over periods of anything from 1 to 4 weeks. Some companies see their know-how in terms of the processes used decline over time with turnover in production staff.

For new managers, it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to find the time to gather full information on the techniques used to produce phosphoric acid.

These training courses can be conducted on-site with our customer or at our own premises. In some cases, training sessions can also be combined with a site analysis.

The training includes interactive tools such as a simulator of the complete phosphoric acid process: more details in the brochure.

Ongoing maintenance of phosphoric acid installations

This program offers regular on-site visits by one of our experts (staying for a week or more once or twice a year). The length of stay and the number of visits can be discussed with production staff and can be customized to suit individual requirements.

This visit, which is based on Prayon's experience and databases, is designed to review the parameters of the process during the year in question and to highlight areas for improvement.

It is also an opportunity to train new operators and to respond to various issues concerning the process.

As with "standard" consulting, our know-how and expertise can be applied to all processes. This service has been developed to respond to the fact that production managers are short of time when it comes to dealing with a specific problem or even training a new operator.

Pilot tests

Our pilot tests are conducted by a team of experts from our R&D department. They have extensive knowledge of phosphoric acid technologies. The main aims of these tests are to:

  • design new installations;
  • find new parameters for a process used on an existing installation with a new type of phosphate;
  • identify the impact of an additive on phosphoric acid production;
  • determine the quality of the acid produced;
  • study the specific impact of a reactant on the process parameters.

The availability and know-how of our team means we can conduct accurate pilot tests very quickly.

Based on these pilot tests, we can simulate any Prayon process developed for producing fertilizer-grade phosphoric acid.

We study phosphoric acid production on the basis of the initial "dihydrate" or initial "hemihydrate" reaction, the concentration of the purified acid produced, and the clarification obtained using these processes.

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