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REACH legislation

REACH, the new European legislation on chemical substances that took effect on 1 June 2007, has a significant impact on manufacturers, importers and downstream users. Prayon has set up a team to ensure the company complies with REACH requirements as efficiently as possible.

Pre-registration of substances

Pre-registration of substances was the first step in REACH. By 1 December 2008, Prayon had pre-registered all chemical substances produced or imported in quantities of 1 tonne or more per year, enabling it to benefit from extended substance registration deadlines.


Cefic and the associations of downstream users recommend a "top-down" approach based on the knowledge of the producer/importer supply chain. Producers and importers hve defined a list of known uses in collaboration with associations of downstream users and/or customers.

The uses are described by means of the standardised codes from the Use descriptor system*.  This step is essential for developing exposure scenarios.

We have collected and listed all the relevant data about uses and conditions of use in order to develop the lists of uses for each product that we put on the market.  Our aim is to cover all the uses and known applications of our products.  

On the website, you can access our platform enabling you to consult the tables of uses we have identified.

For information uses, click here.


*Use descriptor system : 

This is a standardised system - as set out in the guidance document on information requirements and chemical safety assessments - for describing a use in REACH.  It is based on five standardised types of information :


  • sector of use (SU);
  • chemical product category (PC);
  • process caterogy (PROC);
  • article category (AC);
  • environmental release category (ERC), a factor describing potential environmental releases.



Safety data sheet: CLP regulation (GHS) and new version of REACH

According to the CLP Regulation*, we must insert the new classification and labelling in the safety data sheets  (SDS).  This work was realised for the substances.  The transition for the blends will be completed by 2015.

*Classification, Labelling and Packaging: Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

Under REACH, SDS must be modified to meet the new demands described in the guidance document (Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets). Accordingly, the new appearance of SDS differs from that set out previously. Our SDS are now updated. 

For products classified according to the CLP Regulation*, the 'REACH version' SDS is supplemented with an annex (eSDS) summarising the relevant safety information for each exposure scenario (ES).



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