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Food applications

A gift from Mother Nature, phosphates are naturally present in most foodstuffs, as well as in certain rocks formed by slow sedimentation.

Phosphates are essential to the growth and health of all living creatures and are the building blocks for our DNA, bones, teeth, cells and nervous system. They are useful to many biological processes, regulate our body's acidity, help vitamin absorption, prevent fat deposits in our arteries and also enable our muscles to contract when we move.

In the agri-food industry, phosphates are a valuable aid and enable consumers to be offered high-quality finished products which are both nutritious and attractive (in terms of taste, smell, appearance and touch).

Food applications

Meat processing
In meat processing, phosphates slow down the drying-out process as well as the deterioration of the color and nutritional properties of tissues.
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Fish processing
They are popular in fish processing as they preserve nutritional properties and improve the microbiological stability of seafood.
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Process cheese
They control the texture, color and taste of process cheese.
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Cakes and pastries
They also contribute to the volume, appearance and taste of all types of cakes and pastries.
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Dairy products
Finally, they are very useful in the preparation of potatoes, vegetables, beverages, cereals, egg-based products, oils and fats, pasta, powdered products, dairy products and desserts, baking powders and yeasts, as well as sugar processing.
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Product range

Our product range can be divided into two major groups:

PrayphosTM: purified phosphoric acid.


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PrayphosTM - KasomelTM - CarfoselTM - PraylevTM: sodium, calcium and potassium salts.


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Products for food application

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