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General procurement conditions

The current PRAYON S.A. general procurement conditions in different languages and sourcing categories are available to download below :

  General Terms & Conditions for the Purchase of Goods General Terms & Conditions for the Purchase of Services Standard Contract for Investment
General Safety Regulations for Subcontractors
Risk Assessment Prior To Order
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Code of conduct for suppliers

Documents available in : English - French - Dutch


Demande d'actions correctives au fournisseur (DAC)

Form (PAPI 42.003 - 19/01/16) only available in : French


These conditions form part of all our contractual relationships with our suppliers and are tailored to each major sourcing category, such as products, industrial services and investmentl purchases.

The contractual conditions include subjects related to safety, intellectual property and penalties-damages, as well as clauses dealing with prevention of fraud and corruption as well as business ethics. These conditions were developed for use throughout PRAYON S.A. and are vetted by our legal teams as well as the procurement management.

You may contact your usual buyer at PRAYON S.A. for details or specific concerns.

Any supplier providing service on Prayon site must respect the requirements described in the «General Safety Regulations for Subcontractors» [REGL.45.316].

A risk assessment must be provided (using the Prayon document 'Risk Assessment Prior To Order - ADRAC - PAPI 45.329') during the call for tenders. This document must be validated by the person handling the order before work begins at the site.