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Our commitment

Supported by my dedicated management team, I am committed to ensuring that the Group fulfils its mission and to guiding it in achieving its vision whilst remaining true to its core values.

Safety is a top priority. Every day we work to make our sites safer and our facilities more secure, to enhance food safety and to make sure that our products are used safely. Safeguarding human health and the environment are also core principles.

We want to become a leading player in niche markets such as food additives, horticulture and industrial applications offering a high level of added value. We also want to further consolidate our position as the world leader in phosphoric acid technology.

We are keen to cement the company’s long-term future via a strategy of excellence in the form of our six strategic priorities, and profitability which will generate added value for staff and shareholders alike.

We are careful to listen to both customers and the market and in this context we supply top-quality services and products and provide the very best application support.

Against the backdrop of a highly competitive market, we must continually seek to innovate. We encourage our staff to be creative and to enhance their skills and expertise through appropriate training. Recognising performance and acknowledging achievement is a core value for us in terms of motivating and rewarding our staff.

The Group’s Management System plays a crucial role in helping us to achieve our goal of improving risk management. Implementing and monitoring this system rigorously across all the Prayon Group’s units is vital in order for us to roll out action plans the results of which can be verified and recognised.

As far as Prayon is concerned, honouring this Commitment and complying with all relevant legislation, standards, agreements and contracts with partners and customers is a core requirement and one we are more than willing to fulfil to ensure our long-term future.


Prayon's management committee




Prayon's mission is to be an innovating international chemical company that uses sustainable technologies to provide quality products and first-class associated services in direct response to market needs.



  • To become a major player in food additives, precision farming and various industrial niche markets (e.g. energy storage).
  • To remain the global leader in technologies of phosphoric acid and its derivatives.
  • To ensure the company's long-term sustainability through operational excellence and continuous improvement.



Health, safety and environmental responsibility

We are committed to continual improvement in health, worker safety and environmental protection.

Product life-cycle assessment will be a reference tool.


We are committed to excellence for our customers by delivering first-class solutions, products and services.

Open dialogue

We actively pursue an open dialogue with all of our company's stakeholders.

Merit and diversity

We recruit people who want to grow within the company and take the company forward.

We make all of our staff continuously improve their performance and personal competencies, irrespective of their age, gender, nationality or culture.


We provide a working environment that stimulates creativity with the aim of generating new solutions.


We encourage our staff to be responsible for their decisions and actions and to take on greater responsibilities if they so wish.

Work/life balance

We value a healthy balance between professional and personal life.

People orientation

We respect each individual as a member or partner of the organisation.


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