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Our company

Enriching daily life through phosphorus chemistry

Phosphorus chemistry is vital to our daily lives and is at the core of everything we do.

At Prayon, we have a real passion for what we do. With a heritage of over 130 years of experience, our 1,400 employees are committed to delivering innovative solutions to our customers to improve their products, from building materials to cars, horticulture, food and health and hygiene products.

Committed to build a sustainable future, we are developing more efficient processes, protecting resources and fostering a circular economy.

At Prayon, we set the tone in the phosphate world

Prayon solutions are best-in-class with:

  • High quality and reliable solutions & services
  • Bespoke solutions for all your products and applications
  • Plants with Prayon technologies and equipment give the highest efficiency on the market

The Group

Headquartered in Belgium, the Prayon Group has two shareholders: OCP and Wallonie Entreprendre. With approximately 1.400 employees, we operate production sites in Belgium, France, Switzerland and the United States and have 2 R&D sites in Belgium as well as our testing and validation facility Technophos in Bulgaria.

Key figures

Production sites

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Phosphoric acid plants



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R&D centers

Mission, Vision and Values

Strong foundations for our future

Our Mission: “Enriching daily life through phosphorus chemistry”

Phosphorus chemistry is vital to our daily lives and is at the core of everything we do at Prayon.

Our Vision: “Our Technology makes the difference”

Since its creation, technology is in the DNA of Prayon. Together, as a team of talented, diverse and engaged collaborators, we aim to further leverage technology to make the difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet by:

  • Providing creative solutions to our partners
  • Delivering high value-added products and services
  • Designing efficient and sustainable processes

Our Values is what defines our everyday actions

Because we want to win together, we think far, we aim high, push boundaries, and keep our promises to deliver our customers.

Production and R&D centers
Commercial subsidiaries

Shaping a sustainable future

We are committed to designing efficient and sustainable processes to protect resources. Our wet process for phosphoric acid production uses up to 7 times less CO2 than the thermal process.

We are pioneers in the art of designing production processes in line with circularity, achieving excellent yields with our raw materials as well as valorizing our by-products.

Our ultimate aim: closing the loop.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reflects the diversity and commitment of the Group's shareholders - OCP & Wallonie Entreprendre. Together, they guide Prayon strategy in a responsible and value-driven manner.

OCP Representatives

  • Hicham  EL HABTI
  • Mohamed SOUAL
  • Abdelaziz EL MALLAH

Wallonie Entreprendre Representatives

  • Olivier VANDERIJST
  • Laurence Glautier
  • S.P.R.L. ARPEGO, represented by Pierre JORIS
  • S.A. SPARAXIS, represented by Yves MEURICE

Executive Committee

As the main executive governing body, the Executive Committee is responsible for developing a strategy in line with our Vision for the future that aims to improve overall performance and ensure value creation in the long term.

Our history

Working in zinc and phosphorus, present in Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the United States, Prayon has been innovating and leading the world of phosphorous chemistry since 1882.

The story of the company began with the S.A. Métallurgique de Prayon, which went on to grow its activities in food and industrial applications, horticulture, construction and pharmaceutical products. Read on to learn more about the Prayon Group and how it made a difference. Discover our major milestones.

  • 1882-1948
    The beginning
  • 1882

    The Société Anonyme Métallurgique de Prayon was created on May 15, 1882, in Trooz, Belgium. It initially took over the Nouvelle Montagne factory and later the Engis site. With its 200 workers, SA Prayon very quickly became the leading producer of zinc in Belgium.

  • 1888

    In 1888, Prayon established its first sulphuric acid production unit, using the so-called “lead chamber” process, which was the benchmark method until the arrival of more modern materials.

  • 1928

    New premises were needed to keep up with the growth of the company. Prayon chose Puurs (Antwerp, Belgium) to set up its first industrial activities away from the head office.

  • 1948

    Prayon developed a continuous production process for phosphoric acid, thanks to the Tilting Pan Filter design.

  • 1950-1975
    Prayon diversifies
  • 1954

    Prayon bought shares in the Société des Produits Chimiques et Métallurgiques de Rupel in Puurs.

  • 1959 and 1960

    1959 marked a turning point in Prayon’s fertiliser and phosphoric acid activities. With a new granulation facility, the company was able to offer a wider product portfolio. One year later, a 25t/day bi-ammonium phosphate production unit was launched. It allowed for new opportunities outside of the fertiliser sector.

  • 1980-2000
    Prayon becomes a major player
  • 1982

    Just before celebrating its 100th birthday, the Société Anonyme Métallurgique de Prayon officially became the Société Chimique Prayon-Rupel (“Prayon”), the parent company of the current group. Its main activities are phosphate chemistry (phosphoric acid and derived salts) and specialised inorganic chemistry (zinc oxide, sodium hydrosulfite, fluorinated salts and anti-corrosion pigments).

  • 1983

    Silox, a company that produces active zinc oxide, is created.

  • 1992

    Prayon took part in the creation of Europhos, whose French production unit (in Les Roches de Condrieu, Lyon), became the Group’s third production centre in Europe, after Engis and Puurs. The company would later be integrated into Prayon s.a. in 2003.

  • 1996

    The Group participated in the creation of Emaphos I (Morocco), a phosphoric acid purification company active, in partnership with its shareholder O.C.P. (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), the world’s leading producer of phosphoric acid and owner of the largest phosphate ore reserves in the world.

  • 2000-2020
    Prayon goes international
  • 2000

    Prayon Inc. was created and phosphate salt production units in Augusta (Georgia, USA) are acquired.

  • 2003

    Europhos was integrated into Prayon s.a.

  • 2007

    We opened our sales office in India.

  • 2008

    Prayon signed a cooperation agreement with ALMIN which allowed it to expand its range of products, and refractory products.

  • 2009

    Prayon opened a new sulphuric acid production unit at the Engis site.

  • 2015

    The Group signed an agreement with Pulead (China), a leading producer of cathode materials, to create a joint venture for the production and sale of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) licensed by LiFePO4+C Licensing LLC (*).

  • 2020
    • Prayon completed its portfolio of sustainable technologies with the acquisition of Ecophos technologies and the Technophos semi-industrial demonstration plant in Varna (Bulgaria).
    • The Group signed a licensing, technical services and supply of proprietary equipment contract to double of the capacity of the Emaphos purified acid plant in Morocco.
    • The Engis site (Belgium) announced the increase of its SHMP production capacity with plans for a new production unit.
  • 2021

    Acquisition of Capterall®, an innovative and sustainable solution for water treatment and more specifically for the reduction of micropollutants in wastewater.

  • 2022

    Prayon acquires Febex, the European leader in the production of ultra-pure phosphoric acid. With this acquisition, the Group enters the electronics and pharmaceutical sectors and gains access to the polyphosphoric acid market strengthening Prayon’s position in phosphorus chemistry.

Partnering together for success

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