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Prayon Deutschland's roots go back into 1924, when the company Fischer & Co. was founded in Hamburg as a wholesale business for metals and metal residues. Prayon took over Fischer & Co. in 1980 and renamed it Zinchem Metall- und Chemikalienhandelsgesellschaft GmbH to align with its affiliate in Belgium.

While trade in nonferrous metals was a core pillar of Zinchem's business, the sales of the inorganic chemical specialties produced by Prayon SA and Silox SA grew steadily. As a result of this development, Zinchem GmbH changed its name to Prayon Deutschland GmbH in 2002 and integrated fully into the Group's SAP system.

Today, Prayon Deutschland GmbH focuses on the sale of phosphoric acids, phosphates, sulphuric acid and fluorine salts from Prayon SA and dithionite-based reducing and bleaching agents from Silox SA. 

Prayon Deutschland offers Prayon's full range of phosphoric acids, phosphates, sulphuric acids and fluorine salts, including:

  • Prayphos P5: food-grade phosphoric acid (E 338) in various concentrations; 
  • Prayphos Codex: pharmaceutical-grade phosphoric acid (Pharm Eur and USP) in various concentrations; 
  • The ammonium, sodium, potassium and calcium salts in Prayon's phosphate range; 
  • Prayon's Carfosel and Kasomel specialties, as well as the newly developed Fortipray.       

Our most popular products include:

  • Polypray LDA, MDA, H, HL, LV: technical-grade sodium tripolyphosphates in powder and granular form, anhydrous and pre-hydrated;
  • Prayphos STPP FG: food-grade sodium tripolyphosphates, available in powder and granular form;
  • Prayphos MAP and DAP: technical- and horticultural-grade mono- and diammonium orthophosphate;
  • Prayphos MSP, DSP and TSP: technical- and food-grade mono-, di- and trisodium orthophosphate; also available in hydrated forms;
  • Prayphos MKP, DKP and TKP: technical- and food-grade mono-, di- and tripotassium orthophosphate; MKP also available as horticultural grade;
  • Prayphos SAPP FG: food-grade sodium acid pyrophosphate. Also available: Praylev Pyro and Praylev Fastpyro for baking products;
  • Prayphos TKPP: technical- and food-grade highly dissolvable tetrapotassium pyrophosphates;
  • Prayphos SHMP: technical- and food-grade long-chain sodium hexametaphosphates; different chain lengths available;
  • Prayphos TCP 308 FG: food-grade tricalcium phosphate for calcium enrichment;
  • Kasomel: full range of specialties designed for the manufacturing of processed cheese;
  • Carfosel: full range of specialties designed for the manufacturing of meat and seafood products.

Fortipray: newly developed product for calcium and vitamin D3 enrichment in food applications. Different concentrations of vitamin D3 available.

Prayon Deutschland also offers Prayon's range of fluorine salts, consisting of technical- and pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride (Fluopray NaF) and sodium and potassium fluosilicates (Fluopray SSF and Fluopray PSF).

Prayon's Fosbind specialties for refractories and Praybrite specialties for bright dipping complete Prayon Deutschland's product palette.

Silox SA's dithionite-based reducing and bleaching agents are an exciting new addition to Prayon Deutschland's range: we now carry Silox SA's HyBrite (solid) and SiBrite (liquid) specialties for the paper industry and its Hydros products for textile applications.

Thanks to the diversity of Prayon SA and Silox SA's product ranges, we offer solutions for diverse industries, ranging from the production of detergents and industrial and institutional cleaners to metal treatment for the automotive and machine-building industry  (Polypray sodium tripolyphosphates and Prayphos phosphoric acids).

Our products can be found in horticultural applications, where they are used to produce fertilisers (Prayphos MAP, DAP and MKP), and in the paper industry, where the final products need to reach a certain level of whiteness (HiBrite and SiBrite).

The wide variety of functions performed by our products (including pH-buffering, dispersing and sequestering) has made us a reference supplier for the German chemical industry.

Prayon's Carfosel specialties are used in the production of seafood and meat products, like cooked ham and sausages, while our Kasomel specialties play an important role in the production of processed cheese.

Prayon's Praylev specialties are sold to the producers of bakery additives and our phosphoric acid is used as acidulant in the beverage industry.

Whatever the application, Prayon Deutschland GmbH has the right product for you!


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