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Our Mission

Enriching daily life through Phosphorus Chemistry

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Phosphorus chemistry is vital to our daily lives. It is everywhere. That’s why at Prayon, we are passionate about what we do and who we do it for. We get up every morning committed to provide the growing population with nutritious and qualitative food and to deliver innovative products to many other sectors ranging from petfood, and oral care to chemical, construction, and to the pharmaceutical industry. We make everything better. At Prayon, we are proud to deliver innovative, technical solutions, world-renowned equipment and high-quality products that set the tone in the phosphate world.

Our Vision 2025

Our Technology makes the Difference

Our technology
makes the difference

With an engaged, diverse and talented Team :

  • Providing creative solutions to our partners
  • Delivering high value-added products and services
  • Designing efficient and sustainable processes

Since its creation, technology is in the DNA of Prayon. Together, as a team of talented, diverse and engaged collaborators, we have the ambition to further leverage technology to make the difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet.

  • Providing creative solutions to our partners
    In every aspect of our activities, we think expansively. We are driven to go the extra mile. Renewing ourselves every day, we imagine creative solutions to our partners - our customers, our providers, our staff and all our stakeholders- delivering excellence.
  • Delivering high value-added products and services
    We want to make the difference by listening to our customers and anticipating their expectations to deliver reliable, high value-added solutions ranging from achieving better yields in tomato culture, improving cured meat quality to designing cutting-edge phosphate production plants and much more. In brief, we want to be part of our customer success.
  • Designing efficient and sustainable processes
    We are committed to developing more efficient processes, protecting resources, fostering circular economy and inventing new ways of working. This is the way to build a more sustainable future for the planet.


Créativité We provide a working environment that stimulates creativity with the aim of generating new solutions.
Dialogue ouvert We actively pursue an open dialogue with all of our company's stakeholders.

We recruit people who want to grow within the company and take the company forward.

We make all of our staff continuously improve their performance and personal competencies, irrespective of their age, gender, nationality or culture.

Mérite et diversité
Responsabilité We encourage our staff to be responsible for their decisions and actions and to take on greater responsibilities if they so wish.
Responsabilité en matière de santé, sécurité, environnement We are committed to continual improvement in health, worker safety and environmental protection. Product life-cycle assessment will be a reference tool.
Orientation client

We are committed to excellence for our customers by delivering first-class solutions, products and services.

Respect de la personne We respect each individual as a member or partner of the organisation.
Equilibre vie professionnelle/vie privée We value a healthy balance between professional and personal life.


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