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Our services

Prayon path to successful projects
  • Licensing

    Prayon’s technologies are patented and granted all around the world. Prayon, with its know-how and expertise is proud to offer its clients licenses and full process performance guarantees for each of its technologies.

  • Testing & validating

    Cutting-edge lab and pilot tests

    Every raw material and every project is different. To select the best process to fit your raw material, we perform feasibility tests and validations in our laboratories and pilot facilities prior to starting a project.

    With this “real life” testing approach, you know with certainty which raw materials and production processes are necessary to design your plants perfectly.

    Prayon has extensive R&D and testing facilities in

    • Prayon – Engis (Belgium)
    • Prayon – Puurs (Belgium)
    • Technophos – Varna (Bulgaria)

    Technophos: testing your solutions & training your talents

    Technophos, incorporating a semi-industrial demonstration plant, enables you to test new phosphate technologies for your products, giving you the certainty they meet your requirements.
    Being a fully equipped industrial plant, it is also the perfect place to train your operators and engineers on the latest technologies in phosphate production.
    Technophos supports R&D activities and is the testground to validate and demonstrate the Group’s innovative technologies to guarantee full performance.

    Semi-industrial validation

    Thanks to the Technophos semi-industrial plant in Bulgaria, you can have full confidence in the process parameters and yields for your raw materials.

    We validate processes using your own raw materials, at a capacity up to 300kg/h of rock in this demonstration facility, equipped with state-of-the art industrial equipment, but at a smaller capacity and with real industrial instruments and process control (DCS).

    Moreover, analyses are performed in the Technophos laboratory during production, giving you in record time all the process data needed to validate the process.

    The facility is very versatile, as it can use low-grade phosphate rock as well as the membrane-based purification process and ion exchange.

    Validation of external technologies

    Technophos and the Prayon R&D Center can test and validate at lab, pilot and semi-industrial scale other technologies. For more information and personalized advise, please contact us.

    For more information:

    Download our brochure Technophos - Prayon Technologies
  • Training

    Training through Plant Simulation

    The Phosphoric Acid Virtual Plant Simulator is the perfect interactive training tool for any member of your staff to experience the reality of the process.

    Based on real life scenarios, your operator or new trainee is put in charge of a phosphoric acid production plant. They virtually pilot the plant with a screen that displays the DCS parameters of the control room, while another screen informs them about the situation in the field (manual valves, samples…).

    Plant operators are emerged in a virtual reality where they need to solve process issues presented in scenarios and exercises reflecting real life situations.

    This is an outstanding way to enhance operational skills and operational excellence, and to meet safety requirements in chemical plants!

    For more information:

    Download our brochure Training Simulator - Prayon Technologies

    New on-line self-learning training on the phosphoric acid process with plant simulator

    In just five days, learn how to start and run a phosphoric acid plant, tackle operational problems and take corrective actions with our new online training!

    In addition to theoretical sessions, practical exercises with simulation cases will enable you to experience the reality of the process.

    The on-line workbook is composed of 14 modules covering all sections of the phosphoric acid plant.

    At the end of each exercise, you will receive an evaluation report, enabling you to check your learning achievements and to receive personal feedback from our experts.

    • Duration: 5-days schedule of 8 hours per day
    • Relevant audience: production and process technicians working in a phosphoric acid plant
    • Price: 3795€ including 8h support from our experts

    Interested ? Register and become an expert in phosphoric acid process.


    Training for operational excellence

    Our comprehensive process and plant control training in our Technophos demonstration plant in Bulgaria is a real must to enhance operational excellence and safety on your plant.

    During this unique 5 to 10 day training programme, your engineers and operators will learn how to run this reproduction of an industrial plant, with all its technical characteristics (type of equipment, material of construction…) and raw materials.

    • Review process fundamentals (plant start-up procedure, plant operations, process control, process setpoints…)
    • Exchange experiences with top experts
    • Experiment with plant control and procedures in the field
    • Having your operating team present in the field during equipment tests, hot commissioning and plant start-up complements the training programme with industrial activities.

    With a clear understanding of processes, new diagnostic skills and the ability to anticipate situations, your engineers and operators will enhance their skills to run your plant safely and efficiently.

    Depending on your needs, we can also organize training in our facilities in Belgium or at your site. As part of this training, we can also organize a visit to our phosphoric acid production unit and attached laboratory.

    Prayon also offers training using its high-fidelity Phosphoric acid plant simulator.

    For more information:

    Download our brochure Technophos - Prayon Technologies
  • Consultancy

    Site services

    Our collaboration with our clients goes far beyond the process design and training activities.

    We offer our customers visits to a plant during construction,the provision of assistance during commissioning and start-up of the plant, and performance guarantee tests.

    Technical surveys

    Prayon’s extensive experience in the phosphate world makes it the perfect partner to audit your existing plants (covering all processes, whether from Prayon or another supplier) and reach your objectives such as:

    • Capacity increases
    • Improvement of environmental footprint
    • Process conversion (for instance: DH to CPP with higher recovery purpose) and improvement
    • Plant renewal
    • Consideration of a new phosphate rock or mix
  • Data management & plant optimization

    P2Gether-Plant Performance Optimization

    With the P2Gether assistance program, we will elevate your existing phosphoric acid plant out of its comfort zone to a level of excellence in a reasonable timeframe and investment cost.

    This comprehensive program entails 4 strategic steps:

      Training & Coaching
      Training & Coaching
    4. Big Data

    Concrete results:

    • Precise evaluation of improved performances
    • Assessment of Efficiency savings
    • Rating of progress on a factual basis

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