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Context of the project

With a share of more than 30% of the total industrial energy use worldwide (including feedstocks), the chemical and petrochemical sector is by far the largest energy user in industry. The sector is faced with the challenge of saving energy primarily for economic and environmental reasons. It also needs to comply with EU regulations.

The phosphate industry is obviously affected by this context. Over the past 60 years, limiting the energy consumption has always been a challenge for the phosphate industry. Despite the fact that several ways have been explored, the producers of polyphosphoric acid are still looking for cost-effective solutions that guaranty the necessary levels of quality and security, as well as the cost-effectiveness of the processes.


The LIFE Polyphos Acid is not only a technical demonstrator, it is evidence that more can be done in terms of energy consumption (meaning also reduction of greenhouse gas emissions), compactness of equipment and valorisation of waste.











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