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The most popular process currently used for the production of polyphosphoric acid is the thermal process.  It is easier to implement but also highly consuming in terms of energy.  


The project aims at producing highly purified polyphosphoric acid (85% P2O5) via an innovative wet process. This process is less polluting and more energy-efficient, but more complex so not widely used yet. 

The LIFE Polyphos Acid  project aims to offer a complete solution that not only complies with the existing standards but even goes well beyond. A pilot scale will be built at the Prayon’s premises.


With this patent-pending process, Prayon aims firstly at reducing the carbon footprint of the production of polyphosphoric acid:

  • by decreasing the energy consumption;
  • by using a much more compact system than the Best Available Technologies (BAT).

As such, this project will have a very positive effect on the environment in general, and on the climate change in particular.


European Union website for the LIFE programme :


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